Video configuration frame guiding user through making sure permissions are set appropriately and microphone is working, with troubleshooting text. Almost all content is hard-coded, to provide a general-purpose technical setup frame.

What it looks like

Example screenshot from exp-video-config frame

More general functionality

Below is information specific to this particular frame. There may also be available parameters, events recorded, and data collected that come from the following more general sources:


This frame just shows the standard video config frame.

"video-config": {
    "kind": "exp-video-config",
    "troubleshootingIntro": ""

This frame shows a friendly message offering tech support by the lab via phone.

"video-config": {
    "kind": "exp-video-config",
    "troubleshootingIntro": "If you're having any trouble getting your webcam set up, please feel free to call the XYZ lab at (123) 456-7890 and we'd be glad to help you out!"


troubleshootingIntro [String | '']
Text to show as the introduction to the troubleshooting tips section

Data collected

The fields added specifically for this frame type are:


Events recorded

The events recorded specifically by this frame are: