A simple mood survey with questions about factors that might affect a child’s responses. Includes Likert-type ratings of the CHILD’s position on the following scales:

  • Tired to Rested

  • Sick to Healthy

  • Fussy to Happy

  • Calm to Active

and of the PARENT’s position on:

  • Tired to Energetic

  • Overwhelmed to On top of things

  • Upset to Happy

It also asks for a response in hours:minutes for: - how long ago the child last woke up from sleep or a nap - how long until he/she is due for another nap/sleep (if regular nap schedule) - how long ago the child last ate/drank

and for what the child was doing just before this (free-response). Responses to all questions are required to move on.

What it looks like

Example screenshot from exp-lookit-mood-questionnaire frame

More general functionality

Below is information specific to this particular frame. There may also be available parameters, events recorded, and data collected that come from the following more general sources:


"mood-survey": {
    "introText": "How are you two doing? We really want to know: we’re interested in how your child’s mood affects his or her looking preferences.",
    "kind": "exp-lookit-mood-questionnaire"


introText [String]

Intro paragraph describing why we want mood info

Data collected

The fields added specifically for this frame type are:

rested [String]

Rating for CHILD on tired - rested scale, ‘1’ to ‘7’ where ‘7’ is rested

healthy [String]

Rating for CHILD on sick - healthy scale, ‘1’ to ‘7’ where ‘7’ is healthy

childHappy [String]

Rating for CHILD on fussy - happy scale, ‘1’ to ‘7’ where ‘7’ is happy

active [String]

Rating for CHILD on calm - active scale, ‘1’ to ‘7’ where ‘7’ is active

energetic [String]

Rating for PARENT on tired - energetic scale, ‘1’ to ‘7’ where ‘7’ is energetic

ontopofstuff [String]

Rating for PARENT on overwhelmed - on top of stuff scale, ‘1’ to ‘7’ where ‘7’ is on top of stuff

parentHappy [String]

Rating for PARENT on upset - happy scale, ‘1’ to ‘7’ where ‘7’ is happy

napWakeUp [String]

how long since the child woke up from nap, HH:mm

usualNapSchedule [String]

whether the child has a typical nap schedule: ‘no’, ‘yes’, or ‘yes-overdue’ if child is overdue for nap

nextNap [String]

only valid if usualNapSchedule is ‘yes’; how long until child is due to sleep again, HH:mm

lastEat [String]

how long since the child ate/drank, HH:mm

doingBefore [String]

what the child was doing before this (free response)

Events recorded

No events are recorded specifically by this frame.