Learning materials

Here are some slides and videos you may want to check out while getting started or when training other lab members!

[PDF] Introduction to Lookit: a 20-minute overview (Jenna Croteau)

[Video] CBMM Tutorial: Using Lookit to run developmental studies online (Maddie Pelz)

[Slides], [Video] Using the MIT Lookit webcam platform for home-based studies (Caspar Addyman) - presentation at ICIS 2020

[Slides] Lookit parent perspective (Nicole Cuneo)

[Slides] Lookit video data (what it looks like) (Nicole Cuneo)

[Slides] Stimuli preparation and hosting for Lookit (Nicole Cuneo)

[Slides] FFMPEG starter powerpoint (Nicole Cuneo)

[Code] Some example FFMPEG commands (Kim Scott)

If you give a presentation about using Lookit or prepare training materials for your lab, please share them here! You can propose that change directly or email

Other helpful resources


All Lookit code is open-source (MIT License - this is a liberal open-source license, not related to us being at MIT) and publicly available. It will stay that way.